The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years’ newest album ‘The Greatest Generation’ is too amazing for words. It’s so expressive, honest, heart felt and just makes me want to yell my heart out. I love how it ties religious themes, finding meaning in life, and the struggle to be a good person in such a raw form. It’s not about struggling to stay alive, it’s about struggling to feel alive. It was the perfect way to end their ‘The Upsides’ trilogy.

It’s so odd ‘cause I don’t have any drama or angst to complain about and yet these lyrics convicted me of personal struggles. It has me trembling at my finger tips wanting to slam the ground and pull my hair out from how emotional it is. I cannot wait to lose it at their next show.

Hopeless Records put the whole record for streaming on youtube. Listen to it. It just may be my favorite record of the year.

I play in a band called Draw One Card (
This is my solo project Autumn Attic (pronounced Automatic).
Debut EP coming soon.

Check it out: